Women's History webpage review

New Jersey Women's History


•the aims: The beginnings of this webpage began in 1984 when teachers, librarians, and students wanted to investigate women's history in New Jersey. The webpage originally dervied from a book called "Past and Promise: Lives of New Jersey Women" which was published in 1990. The research of the topic is found in the Alexander Library part of Rutgers University. The webpage is a continuation of the research which was started by 1984
•the audience: This webpage is to provide information for the general public, teachers,and others about women's history in New Jersey. I used the readability calculator to measure the readability level of this webpage to see if they were really promoting it for the public and the readability came out to be high school level. Results below:

Coleman Liau index :

Flesch Kincaid Grade level :


ARI (Automated Readability Index) :




•search tools and capabilities: There isn't a search engine on this webpage on the main page. The webpage should consider a search engine on the main page. They do have a search engne in the topics section of the webpage where you could find primary sources. However, on the bibliography page, the resources are divided by topic and easy to get. If you click on the resource, you can get to that topic immediately without having to scroll down the page to get there.
•the manner in which documents are displayed: The wording is easy to read. The links from the main page remain throughout the webpage if you click to one section to another. The time periods are divided into six sections from the colonial period to 1961. There is also a topics section which include Education and Civil Rights.
•your confidence in the transcriptions/images and surrounding material: There is confidence in the material on this webpage as the webpage has a bibliography page which lists the resources used in conjuction to the 1990 book. It also lists links to another webpages which could provide more information.

Overall: The New Jersey Women's History webpage is more readability for the average person who may be looking at the webpage. However, they should consider a search engine on their main page of their webpage because it would be easier for people to find materials for their projects even though they do have a section called "Topics" on their webpage.

Washington Women's History Consortium


•the aims: This webpage was created to preserve the history of Washington women. This webpage was made possible by the Washington Historical Society.
•the audience: Upon looking at the webpage, I feel the webpage is for those in at least an undergraduate level in education even though they want to"improve the availability of historical information about women's achievements in Washington." I used the readability calculator, and my hypothesis was correct. The calculator measured it to be about someone who was an undergraduate/graduate student in college. These were the results below:

Approximate representation of the U.S. grade level needed to comprehend the text :
Coleman Liau index :

Flesch Kincaid Grade level :


ARI (Automated Readability Index) :



•search tools and capabilities: I like the search tool engine by Google on the right hand side of the webpage. I was able to search "Civil Rights" in the search tool engine and was able to get results immediately. However, I did not see an advanced search option on the webpage. I like how the resources are divided by sections wth buttons. I was able to get to sections, and I was able to return to the resources section on the left side of the webpage. I also liked the interactive map on the site as you can click on the map and find out information.
•the manner in which documents are displayed: I like the consistent background of the webpage as the webpage has a central subject, and the background keeps the webpage looking neat. The links, which are buttons on top of the page, keep the webpage organized. When you go onto a new page, the link remain the same so you can get there easily from one section of the webpage to another without having to look for the links as the links are in one central location.
•your confidence in the transcriptions/images and surrounding material: I feel the material is accurate as there are links to primary sources like newspapers and the oral histories listed on the webpage.

The Washington Women's History webpage should simplify their wording since the wording may be more advanced and may be better suited for a textbook or journal than a webpage. By simplifying their language, they may "improve the availability of historical information about women's achievements in Washington" for those looking for information on women's history in Washington State. The World Wide Web connects to all people from different educational levels. I like that they do have a search engine, but they may want to consider an advanced search engine option.

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