Website Review (5% of final grade)

Students will select two to three history web sites on the same topic, and compare:

  • the aims
  • the audience
  • search tools and capabilities
  • the manner in which documents are displayed
  • your confidence in the transcriptions/images and surrounding material.

Students will then present their websites in class (about 15 minutes).


1) By Week 6 (Feb. 27), choose a historical topic or issue of interest to you, to ensure that you have the skills to evaluate both the experience of using and designing the site and the historical content offered. Choose two or three sites on that topic, designed for users high-school age or older. Try to find sites that offer interpretation, primary source materials, and other features. You may use the same topic as the subject of your digital archive and exhibit.

2) Select a class session between week 8 and 11 (below) and add your name and the topic of your review to the schedule below. Please do not duplicate a topic that someone else has already chosen.

3) Create a wiki page to help with your presentation, adding links to the specific pages that you want to demonstrate in class.

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Week Name Topic Sites
Week 9 (Mar. 13)
Week 9 (Mar. 13)
Week 9 (Mar. 13) Dominic Magi Prohibition 3
Week 11 (Mar. 27) Josh Sorvino
Week 11 (Mar. 27) Jennifer Hearon
Week 12 (Apr. 3) Michael R. Freimuth Theodore Roosevelt 3
Week 12 (Apr. 3) Chris Ward the Cold War 3
Week 12 (Apr. 10) Daniel Freeman The American Revolution 3
Week 13 (Apr. 10) Liz Barto Fight for Irish Independence 3
Week 13 (Apr. 10) Ted Dembowski Alexander the Great 4
Week 14 (Apr. 17) Bryan Payor
Week 14 (Apr. 17) Josh Sorvino
Week 14 (Apr. 17) Kelly Ruffel Passaic County Museums 4
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