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Christopher Ward Bio

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I plan on focusing my digital archive on the town of Denville. Denville just finished celebrating its centennial year and is also my hometown. I have connections at the town hall and museum (which is open on weekends!). I plan on utilizing those contacts as well as possibly reaching out to a historian who lives in the town.

Digital Exhibit topic:
My digital exhibit will be directly related to the digital archive I am creating. I will be compiling a collection of historic artifacts from the town of Denville. I am hoping to chronicle the evolution the town has gone through from a summer vacation home to an independent community. The town has many historic sites including an inn which is famous for a stay by President Grover Cleveland.

Blog post 1
William Winds: A Revolutionary General

Blog post 2
War of Words: Winds vs. Franklin

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A Forgotten Revolutionary Hero: The Life of William Winds

Draft Page 1
The Wild East

Draft Page 2
Winds, The Fabled Giant

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The Arrest of William Franklin

Dominic Magi's Comments on Chris Ward's Three Pages:

First off, I have to say you have done a good job so far. Your writing is fluid and the pictures are presented well. However, I have a major problem with your introduction page, “The Wild East.” It is good that you talk about Morris County to set-up the area where the story will take place, but I feel there is a disconnection between this page and the other two pages. In your other two pages you talk about William Winds, so it seems that he is the main focus of your narrative, not the county of Morris. There is no indication of this in your intro. You should mention him directly in “The Wild East” or hint that he will be the focus. Another area that I think you can improve is in “The Arrest of William Franklin” page. You should make it clear that the Proprietary House was William Franklin’s home, or I think that is what you are saying?

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