Sample Scans for Image Manipulation

Download these files and use a photo editing program to play around with them, changing the resolutions and size, editing the colors, contrast, or other properties.

Description Image URL Thumbnail DPI
Death Certificate [] TNdeathcertificate.jpg 600
Honorary Discharge WWI (2pp.) Page1 Page2 TNHonDischargeP1.jpg 600
Photo of a young girl [] TNYoungGirl.jpg 600
Faded photo of women with a car [] TNWomenwithCar.jpg 600
Damaged photo of woman in bonnet [] TNWomanBonnet1.jpg 600
Small, clear photo of woman in bonnet [] TNWomanBonnet2.jpg 600
Family portrait photo [] TNFamilyPortrait.jpg 600
Faded color picture, 1950s [] TNHoneymooners.jpg 600
1914 Diary (2 pp) Page1 Page2 TNDiary1.jpg 300
Faded photo of two women [] TNTwoWomenFaded.jpg 600
Handwritten letter [] TNSanger.jpg 600
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