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Digital Archive Topic: New Jersey Art Collections
The archive will contain images and documentation on three prominent families who were significant figures during the industrial revolution in New Jersey. Most of the archival material will come from associated local museums, the Passaic County Historical Society, Cooper Union, and our own William Paterson University.

Digital Exhibit Topic: Collecting the Past: Industrialists and the Landscape
The digital exhibition will incorporate my ongoing research of the capitalist class of the nineteenth century. I will explore prominent industrialists of the capitalist class in the late nineteenth century, who admired and collected landscape paintings as atonement for modifying the environment and as a project of cultural class formation. By using a variety of art collections of these prominent individuals, I am understanding the motives behind why landscape paintings are significant resources for historic interpretation of the nineteenth century.

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Historic Property Databases Can Be Helpful to Research Too

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Eastside Park: A Contribution to the Nineteenth Century Parks Movement

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Learning about EVERNOTE - a little too late?

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S. Paul Boochever Collection

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Ralph Albert Blakelock

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