Web Exhibit Peer Review

Peer review can be crucial in developing good web-based text. Having another set of eyes can help you identify problems in conception, writing style, or fact/interpretation. Writing such comments in a constructive and useful manner is a skill everyone can improve upon. Each student will be asked to review three draft pages from a peer's exhibit and provide helpful comments that can advise the author on how to improve, clarify, or correct the drafts. The comments should be posted on the student's wiki page.


Exhibit Author Exhibit pages to review Reviewer
Liz Barto The Ho-Ho-Kus Golf Course, The Racetrack, and Racetrack Disasters Michael Freimuth
Dominic Magi Early Years of the Van Allen House, The Van Allen House as the Vygeberg Farm and 19th Century Curiosities Kelly Ruffel
Ted Dembowski American Revolutionary War, Daughters of the American Revolution and American Civil War Jennifer Hearon and Josh Sorvino
Kelly Ruffel Landscape History, S. Paul Boochever Collection, and Ralph Albert Blakelock Dan Freeeman
Jennifer Hearon Introduction, add, add Ted Dembowski
Michael Freimuth Revolutionary War, Era of National Expansion, and Gilded Age Liz Barto
Dan Freeman Rubber Mill, Post Office, and About Chris Ward
Chris Ward The Wild East, Winds, the Fabled Giant, and The Arrest of William Franklin Dominic Magi and Bryan Payor
Bryan Payor
Josh Sorvino

Focus on the following:

  • Is the writing clear and easy to understand?
  • Could it be improved in places?
  • Is the historical argument convincing?
  • How could it be made stronger?
  • Does the item(s) selected make sense with the text?
  • Does the layout for the page complement the content, is it attractive?
  • Have you any suggestions for other sources to consult?

You should not have to do external research in order to review these pages. They ought to be understandable to a general audience. Try to be more substantive than just saying "Great job! interesting!" etc.

Due Dates

  • You will be assigned an exhibit to review Week 12 (Apr. 17)
  • Please have comments posted by Week 13 (Apr. 24) so that they can be used for the final revisions.
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