Omeka Exhibits

Start Your Exhibit

  1. From the NJ History Dashboard, Click on Exhibits.
  2. Click on "Add Exhibit" button

Exhibit Metadata

Fill in the metadata as follows:

Field Description
Exhibit Title Enter your exhibit's title. Example: Birth Control Clinics in New Jersey
Exhibit Slug This will be the website URL for your exhibit. Remove spaces between words and any special characters. Abbreviate if your title is long. You can reorder words if you want to Example: NJBCclinics
Exhibit Credits The credits will appear with the description of the exhibit. Take credit for your work!
Exhibit Description Describe the exhibit briefly. This description will appear on the public page and the exhibit lists.
Exhibit Tags Enter tags that place your exhibit in the larger context, in terms of chronology, demographics of people involved, location in the Village, and subject. Add a tag for this class: DH2014 See Exhibit Tag Guide
Featured? Featured exhibits are randomly selected to be shown on the home page and the exhibit page. All exhibits should be featured.
Public? This toggle button determines whether the exhibit is listed and accessible on the public site. So, while you are working on it, or while items that you included in the exhibit are not public (pending copyright, for example), keep the exhibit private. Once you are finished, click this box to make it public. All exhibits must be public by Week 15 or they will not be graded. Note that when you are logged in to the archive, you can see any exhibit, public or private.
Exhibit Theme You will be using the Elementaire theme. You will be able to customize the theme's colors, fonts, and backgrounds within the exhibit.

Once you have completed the metadata, press the save changes button.


Your exhibit will be made up of pages, which you can organize and order from this screen. click the "Add Page" button to make a new page. Each page has a bit of metadata.

Field Description
Page Title Enter your page's title. Example: Introduction
Page Slug You can create the URL for your page or allow Omeka to create one by default. If you create your own, remove spaces between words and any special characters. Abbreviate if your title is long. You can reorder words if you want to Example: BCintroduction


There are nine different packaged layouts. You should play around with them to get familiar with how they look. Choose the best layout for the page. Then Click on "Save Changes."

If you want to do something different, you can use HTML to design your own page. Choose the blank layout for the time being. You will be able to edit it by clicking on the HTML button and adding your own code.

Selecting your Items

You will see all the images in the archive and can select the one that you want and drag it onto the layout where you want it. Or click on "Show Search Screen" to search for the images you want. You can search, for example, for your name in "User." This will limit the options to the ones that you have added to the archive.


You can create a hierarchical organization for your exhibit by moving your pages around. Drag a page beneath another page and it will become a subpage. You can do this for more than one level of organization.

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