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My topic will be about the Van Allen House, an old Dutch house located in my hometown of Oakland. The house was visited by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. I plan to use the letter that says he visited there and other artifacts related to the time period in my digital achieve. My plan is to get in contact with the Oakland Historical Society to get their permission to take photos of the items in the Van Allen House. They will soon have their annual George Washington Birthday Celebration and I will ask if I can take photos of the event. I will also ask the local library to see if they have anything I can use. If I require more items I will ask the Society if they know anyone who may have items I can use. There is a book on Oakland I have that may lead me to some items.
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I plan to do my web exhibit on the Van Allen House in Oakland, New Jersey. I will briefly go over the history of the house starting from its construction to where it is today. In the exhibition I will use several artifacts, such as the George Washington letter which said he stayed there, as part of the project. I also want to tie the current situation of the house to a larger issue concerning historical sites. Who should be the owner(s) and the preservers of said sites?
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I have decided to make all my notes on the web version of Evernote. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here is the address to view all my notes on this version:

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