Using Google Maps

My Maps

  1. Obtain a Google account if you do not have one.
  2. Go to [] and Select My Maps.
  3. Select Create New Map. Name your map.
  4. Locate the map point by typing the address into the Google search box, and select "Save to" and select the name of your map.
  5. Open your map again by selecting it from the list at the bottom left.
  6. Select "Done" and "Edit" to edit the placemark.
  7. To attach images to the placemark, you need the URL, so if you want to link to your own image you will need to post it to the web first.
  8. To attach video from YouTube, you need to use the "embed" video code.
  1. To draw a walking route to your map, select the line icon and select "Draw a line along roads"
    1. Click when you need to stop or turn. You can name to path that you have drawn.
  2. To draw a shape, select the line icon and "draw a shape"
    1. You can create a rectangular shape to highlight sections of the map. You can name the shape.
  3. Set the map to Public
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