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For the Digital Archive project I am interested in examining presidential visits to New Jersey (whether the visit was prior to, during, or after the individual's presidency. The focus may become more specific as objects are researched.) I plan to obtain objects for the project from around the state. A few examples include the following. At the Plainfield Library is a letter authored by John Quincy Adams, in Somerville is a marker were Harding signed the document officially ending American involvement in WWI, in Hammonton is a rock marking where Ronald Reagan gave a speech, in Long Branch is a church in which 7 Presidents worshiped, and at the historical society in Upper Saddle River is a security surveillance panel from Richard Nixon's post-presidency home.

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I am interested in taking the research of presidential visits to New Jersey and expanding on this topic in order to provide a more detailed narrative of their visits.

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I really like the way you have broken your site into time periods. It makes it easy for the user to find information relevant to their research topic/interest. Your background image is appropriate and nationalistic. You have a lot of information on your site that is very interesting. Some of your pages are very long and should be broken into two or three pages so that it is not overwhelming for the reader (Gilded Age and Progressive Era).

Revolutionary Era
Strong introduction that sets up the rest of the exhibit by starting at the beginning of the nation. It might be stronger with a list of more places that Washington stayed during the Revolutionary War- as he stayed in a multitude of New Jersey locations. I think the introduction to the time period is important but it seems to overshadow the paragraph about George Washington in New Jersey.

Era of National Expansion
This page is well-written and includes a lot of information. I think you have a good amount of text here — enough that it is clear you have done research but not an overwhelming amount. The text to picture ratio is also good. There are a few typos and grammatical issues in this. A quick read-over would be greatly beneficial.

Gilded Age
Again, it is clear that you have done a lot of research on all of the locations mentioned. You have clearly explained the importance of each location and which president is affiliated. At one point, all of the presidents who vacationed in Long Branch were repeated from another page; was this on purpose?
In addition, with such a variety of information, it would be helpful for the viewer to be able to read captions to the pictures. At times, I was unsure what I was looking at. Also, the page is very long, it might be “less scary” if you break it into at least two pages. ||

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