Uploading Large Files to Omeka

In order to upload large files, I have installed a new Dropbox plugin. It is a little complicated, but it will allow you to load either large files, or to batch upload your files.

FTP Client

You will need to access the aphdigital.org site through an FTP client software. You can download something like FileZilla or CoreFTP.

Configure the Client


You need to create a connection that accesses the Dropbox directory of the Omeka installation on the server. Here is the information needed:

HOST/IP: njdigitalhistory.org
USER: dh-student
PASSWORD: wpudh2013
PORT: 21

Once you press Connect, you should see some status messages go by and then a screen with a local directory and a remote directory. The local directory is your computer, the remote directory is the Dropbox folder of our Omeka site. This is the only directory that you can reach with this login, so you don't have to worry about putting things in the wrong place.

Upload files


Upload the file by highlighting it in the local directory (you may need to navigate around to find the right directory on your computer) and then press the upload button. It varies in appearance depending on the program you are using. You can also drag the file to the remote directory to get the upload staring.

Access the file in Omeka

Once it has completed — it may take a few minutes for a large file— exit your FTP client and go to the Omeka administrative view. From the Files tab of a new item record, you will see beneath the standard page for uploading files, a listing of all the files in the Dropbox directory. Check the box(es) next to the one(s) that you want to attach it to your item. Once it has been uploaded it will disappear from the Dropbox directory.

If you are not clear about how the Omeka plugin works, consult this brief video.

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