The Cold War

History Learning Site

Aims: Encyclopedia-type page dedicated to “non-biased” view of World History
Audience: Middle/High School Students
Search Tools/Capabilities: Links send readers to other “encyclopedia” entries on the same site
Layout: One ad per page, short entries (big scroll bar), some pictures
Confidence: "Unbiased" in a western way, but very British-centric in their interpretation
Last updated: 2013 with more plans to update
Grade: C (basic information with little historical analysis)

The Avalon Project (Yale University)

Aims: One stop location for Cold War-related documents
Audience: History students looking to research events of the Cold War
Search Tools/Capabilities: Search - “404”
Layout: Boring, but effective
Confidence: Sources provided for all documents
Last updated: 2008 - unclear if it is active
Grade: B+ (broken search tool, but documented, incomplete collection)

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: The Cold War

Aims: Overview of Cold War with JFK as background story
Audience: Admirers of JFK, casual “pop” history fans
Search Tools/Capabilities: Interactive and accurate
Layout: Easy on the eyes, videos, documents, etc.
Confidence: Sources cited
Grade: A (achieved goals of laying out Cold War from JFK perspective)

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