Historians who work with the public have a particular need to be comfortable with digital tools. The course offers students a basic grounding in the technological skills needed to conduct online historical research and to present the results of their research online. It also introduces students to issues in digital history such as copyright, intellectual property, information abundance, and how the Web changes the relationship between historians and their audience.

Cathy Moran Hajo ude.jnupw|cojah#ude.jnupw|cojah
Thursdays, 6:00-8:40pm — Atrium 127.


  • Get practical experience finding and digitizing historical material for access
  • Learn research skills appropriate and necessary for conducting research in the digital age
  • Learn to write the results of historical research for a general audience
  • Build digital maps and visualizations
  • Help build a digital archive around the theme of New Jersey history
  • Design, write and create a digital exhibit


In this class we will use:

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